Mineral Springs Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert my salt water pool to a Mineral Springs experience?

It’s easy to convert your existing salt water pool to a Mineral Springs experience. Just follow the steps below:

  • Test chlorine and stabilizer levels - If chlorine residual is less than 1 ppm or stabilizer level is less than 20 ppm, apply 1 lb of BioGuard Super Soluble per 10,000 gallons of pool water per label instructions. If chlorine residual is still low or water remains cloudy, an additional application may be needed.
  • Apply Mineral Springs Convert - Add one bag per 5000 gallons of pool water per label instructions. This will change an ordinary salt pool into a mineral oasis.
  • Apply Mineral Springs Stain and Scale - Add one quart per 5000 gallons of pool water per label directions. Stain and Scale protects pool and equipment from scale formation, and also protects the chlorine generator from scale buildup.
  • Add Mineral Springs renewal on a weekly basis - Used weekly for maintenance, Renewal will keep pH of the pool water balanced. Renewal also includes SilkGuard Technology to soften the water, and SunShield to protect the chlorine from UV degradation. The feel and quality of your pool water is further enhanced by the built-in filter enhancer and water clarifier.


What is different about Mineral Springs?

Mineral Springs is specially formulated to prevent the inherent negative characteristics of chlorine generators. Many of the characteristics associated with chlorine generators (pH rise, scaling, etc.) are prevented with the addition of Beginnings and Renewal.


Will pools need to be partially drained before starting the Mineral Springs program?

We recommend that water be changed if calcium hardness and TDS levels suggest that it should be changed. Your Mineral Springs dealer can perform a professional water analysis to determine if draining is necessary.


How soon can a person swim after the weekly addition of Renewal?

15 minutes. This allows the components of Renewal to be fully dissolved. A major benefit of Mineral Springs is that it's not necessary to wait for the chlorine residual to drop. High chlorine residuals are only at the electrode.


How often do I add Beginnings and Renewal?

Beginnings is added only at initial and spring start-ups. Renewal is added once a week at a rate of 4 lbs. per 20,000 gallons. Renewal should be added to your pool weekly; however, in cases of large amounts of water loss that may cause the low mineral light to come on, it may be necessary to add Beginnings.


Are there any necessary adjustments to product additions or the unit itself for a pool operated during the winter?

With the cooler water temperature, the length of time the unit is operating should be decreased. Additionally, Renewal should be added once a month as opposed to weekly. The Mineral Springs unit automatically stops operating when the water temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. It might be necessary to use an alternate source for chlorination.


Should algicide be added on a regular basis?

The sanitizer generated by a Mineral Springs unit also provides algae protection by producing chlorine continuously and superchlorination at each pass through the generator. However, a chlorine generator by itself cannot overcome an existing algae bloom. It should not be necessary to add an algicide on a regular basis in most Mineral Springs pools.


Is this program suited for individuals who travel often?

The Mineral Springs system is perfect for frequent travelers. Through proper use of the system, you can leave home and forget your pool while you enjoy your trip. Even better, with Renewal you can add advanced applications for weeks ahead before leaving.